SMS OCX and SMS Software For Our Modem

One. ¡¾SMS OCX¡¿
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Two.¡¾SMS software¡¿
First, the software running
Installed "SMS Soft" software, the computer desktop and procedures on the menu can be found within the " etesnSMS " shortcut icon, click on the " etesnSMS " to start the software.

Start the software, select the type of device message (such as left):

Choose the type of device after the message, enter the software home, if there is no dongle is correctly installed, it will prompt "dongle not found the software" (such as right).
If you have the correct installation of the dongle, there will be no tips here.

Second, software configuration
Click on the "software configuration" button, enter the modify software configuration page:

Click the "Add / Remove" button, add, or delete operator, modify password operation;
Click "Change" button, can change the system administrator password;
Can choose whether to receive pop-up message box prompts; minimize whether to enter the required password authentication;
Can be set to send the send speed and serial number range (such as COM1 settings mobile hair, and the remaining hair Unicom).
Third, the use of software
3.1 business management
3.1.1 the type of contact management
Entered a "business card management" page, click on the "business card folder using the prompt," appears as shown in the use of prompts:

Business management as a tree list, select a one of a (ie a node), point right to the following pop-up menu shown in the figure below:

Click the "Add Sub-group", can be added to the contact type of the node, as shown below:

Select a node, select "Rename Packet" can be renamed the node (the root directory can not rename);
At the same time, select "delete packet" may be under the contact type and delete all contact information (the root directory can not be deleted).
Contact information management 3.1.2
Select a node, click the "Add", you can type in the contact to add contact information, the following chart:

Click "edit" to modify the selected contact information;
Click on "delete" to delete the selected contact information.
Click "edit list" button to modify the contact information of the subkey name, more in line with your requirement. The following diagram:

Click "Export business card", could be in the list of contact information to export saved as Excel files, as follows:

Click "Import business cards" can be information contact information from Excel file into the specified list:

Note: The imported Excel file should be a standard format. First one the best "Export business card" of the document as a template, and then write your contact information to ensure that you comply with the Excel file to import requirements.
3.1.3 Mobile node replication
Mouse to select a business card folder tree node, press the left mouse button and drag the node to another, you can realize the location of mobile nodes. As shown below, select the node "Сºú", press the left mouse button to drag their "friends / important", the completion of the mobile node:

Note: At the same time drag by pressing "Ctrl" key to achieve the node copy and paste.
3.2 instant message
3.2.1 to send an instant message
Click the "Add recipient" button, add the sent number (below):
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