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Products Name:USB  MODEM
Products Model:Mini-MODEM
Products Interface: USB
Products  Module:Base on Wavecom Q2303A/2403A Module
Products Band:Dual-band (900/1800 MHz)
Products phone)
USB GPRS Wireless Internet Modem for voice, SMS, data and GPRS wireless Internet access and design.
     Input current: 5mA standby, 200mA in the call state
   Input voltage: 5V, USB interface of direct transmission of power does not require external power supply
External Dimensions: 75 45 15mm
Weight: 38g
the basic characteristics of
AT command support to support the TCP / IP, UDP, and PPP agreement
  Full-duplex transmission rate of 115Kbps, the maximum rate, the highest rate of escalation and a half rate
  DTMF function (DTMF)
Function of short message service
Additional services
Calling Number Display
     Telephone Directory Management
   SIM value-added services
GPRS data features of
   Data characteristics:
USB interface
     Ultra-small antenna interface, high-sensitivity antenna
   Voice interface, voice calls through the interface can send and receive voice
Automatically enter power-saving mode
SIM slot 3V activities
External 360-degree spin to the high sensitivity of the antenna can be folded
USB cable
Voice communications, messaging
Wireless e-mail, GPRS wireless high-speed Internet access
Wireless data transmission, mobile office and management
Product Description:
Industrial design
Aluminum casing
Usb  interface with voice function
Based on Wavecom module Q2303A
3V SIM card slot
SIM Application Toolkit
Double tone multi-frequency function (DTMF)
Send and receive data and SMS
Antenna with high sensitivity
Always on-line
Comply with ETSI GSM Phase2+
Class 42W @ 900MHz
Class 11W @ 1800MHz
Input voltage6V-36V DC
Input current1A-2A
Standby current: 56mA
Working current: 100-140mA
Working temperature -20 -+55
Storage temperature:-25 -+70
Accessories: AC/DC adaptor, DB9 RS232 cable, antenna, 2 mounting plates, CD
Data transfer
CSD up to 14.4 kbps, USSD, Non transparent mode, V.110 supports different character framing
modes e.g. 8N1, 7E1
Group 3, Class 1, 2
Point-to-point MO and MT SMS cell broadcast Text and PDU mode
Half Rate (HR)
Full Rate (FR)
Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)
Plug in power supply
Mini-SIM card reader
Antenna connector SMA (male)
Standard serial Port (DB-9)
Operating status LED